Feb 12, 2019  · Take advantage of free museum days. Most of the larger tourist attractions and museums in Italy offer free entrance days throughout the week or at least once a month. Do some research ahead of time and maybe you can synch up your trip to a few of the free days. With prices soaring towards €20 for some museums now,

Insight Vacations: The Art of Travelling in Style. Insight Vacations. With charming culture at every turn, Italy never ceases to surprise and delight. Marvel at the.

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4 Jul 2018. Plan your trip to Italy with the aid of our handy travel tips that cover everything from currency to internet access, eating to shopping, and much.

It’s the capital of Italy, and, according to some fans, the capital of the cosmopolitan world. Rome sprawls, pulses and glitters, with its 3,000 years of influential art, architecture and culture.

High Speed Trains. Train travel is very popular in Italy, like it is throughout Europe, due to the close proximity of major cities and towns to one another. Italy may be infamous for its pubic transportation strikes and bureaucracy but its high-speed trains are often spared this misfortune.

Deciding where to travel in Italy — and when — all boils down to taste. Beaches or vineyards? Bustling cities, or quiet and secluded rural destinations? Weather can impact your decision making.

Jan 15, 2020  · Italy is a party to the Schengen Agreement. Please visit the Embassy of Italy’s website for the most current visa information. Passports should have at least six months remaining validity beyond your departure date. U.S. citizens may enter Italy for up to.

Travel Time: Approx 2 Hours on High-Speed Train. Florence (S.M.N.) to Rome (Termini) Travel Time: Approx 1 1/2 Hours on High-Speed Train. Rome (Termini) to Pompeii (Villa dei Misteri) This trip actually requires two different trains- the first leg is taking a high-speed train out of Rome to Naples (Napoli Centrale station).

In Italy, after your meal is delivered, you may not see the waiter at your table again until it’s time to clear your plates. And when you’re done with your meal, after coffee or dessert or whatever your final course was, no one’s going to come by with a bill without you specifically asking for it.

2 Feb 2018. American-turned-Roman John Henderson, who blogs about life in Italy at Dog- Eared Passport, picks ten of his favourite lesser-known Italian.

10 Nov 2017. Aussies can never seem to resist the art and culture, the scenery and of course, the food, in Italy. Here's a travel money guide to get you going.

Nov 11, 2019  · Another factor to know in the realm of Italy travel warnings is that prostitution is rampant and legal in Italy, and that sex workers are easy to find on streets, at “massage” salons, and online.

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382 Results. View our comprehensive Italy travel and backpacking guide with tips, ideas for the best things to see and do and information about itineraries, costs,

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Whether you are heading to the beach or to the mountains, to the vineyards or to the cities, there are endless possibilities for exciting Italy travel. Check out Travel + Leisure’s Italy travel guide to decide what to eat, where to stay and what to see. A good place to start is the capital city of Rome,

Nov 11, 2019  · Another factor to know in the realm of Italy travel warnings is that prostitution is rampant and legal in Italy, and that sex workers are easy to find on streets, at “massage” salons, and online.

Nov 11, 2019  · Another factor to know in the realm of Italy travel warnings is that prostitution is rampant and legal in Italy, and that sex workers are easy to find on streets, at “massage” salons, and online.

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6 Jun 2019. Our writer makes a case for traveling through southern Italy without a car.

Step 4. Book passage on a passenger sea ferry from elsewhere in Italy. In Italy, these ferries depart from Cagliari, Genoa, Livorno and Naples. International ferries travel to Sicily from Malta and Tunisia. Most ferries arrive in Palermo, but some go to Syracuse, as well as smaller port towns on the island.

13 Aug 2019. Northern Italy is colder than the south as are higher elevations. Flights and hotels are often more expensive during peak travel season as well.

20 Mar 2019. Top places to visit in italy- see best of all tourist attrctions and sightseeing places in Italy. Find out best time to visit Itlay and more.

Train travel in Italy is a convenient, inexpensive way to see much of the country, especially its major cities and towns. The nationwide rail system was begun in the 1800s, and expanded greatly under the Fascist regime of Mussolini, who famously "made the trains run on time."

Most train travelers in Italy spend each rail-travel day taking relatively short rides on the Milan–Venice–Florence–Rome circuit. For these trips (most of which cost less than $50 for a second-class ticket), it’s cheaper to buy point-to-point train tickets than a.

Travel through three of Italy's most iconic cities, toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain, ride a gondola in Venice, and visit Florence's famous basilica on this Italian.